Based on an article I’ve read.
comics strip can't please everyone

comics strip like me please

comics strip pinoy

comics strip pleasing everyone

comics strip God can't please people

be happy for people

Serotonin Infographics

Earlier while cleaning our front yard, 
I remembered creating this infographics 
about serotonin several years ago.
 I'd like to refresh my memory so I opted to post it again.
Serotonin happiness hormone infographics


Just a  simple poem to start my day.

It’s friday morning and here’s my scribble,
Time to rise up and make some doodle!

Wake up with a smile,
Leave your worries for awhile.

Be ready for today’s trip,
Grab your coffee, Enjoy every sip

It’ll be good to walk in the sun
Cheer up and have some fun!

Lift up your cares. Blow your troubles away!
 And be grateful for this another day!
everyday is a new beginning

Every day is a new beginning. 
Treat it that way. 
Stay away from what might have been, 
and look at what can be. ~Marsha Petrie Sue

Everyday is a second chance.

Be 'YOU'

We don't have to know everything
to gain favor from everyone.

Be the 'best version' of you.
That would be the easiest thing to do!

Here’s a simple graphic illustration

cat wants to bark

cat with swim sign

cat wants to fly

cat with thumbs up sign

cat bubble talk

cat being me

cute cat

key to success quote bill cosby
cat be you

(Note: This was originally posted on my Bubblews account.
The site decided to shut down so I'll be keeping some of my posts here :)