Enjoy While It's Ours!

In the midst of my busy day yesterday, I spent few minutes  eating mangoes and making a list of   stress relieving activities. We should be aware and grateful for them!
enjoy life while it is  yours

A cold shower
A chat with a friend 
Playing with our pets 
Swinging a swing 
Seeing smile and hearing laughter from a family member 
A blow of fresh air 
Receiving an uplifting email 
Receiving a nice text message
A heart-felt prayer 
Eating chocolate milkshakes 
Getting a kiss or a hug 
Finding a P500 bill from our drawer
Stretching or exercising 
Having our neighbor send us snacks 
Writing our hearts out through blogging
Spending good time with close friends 
Laughing so hard 
Realizing that some good things never change! 

And the list can go on... there's more priceless simple moments. Be grateful! Enjoy them while it's ours!


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

wow. so nice.

Ric said...

Thanks again! Izdiher!

Pareng Jay said...

Spending good time with close friends and relatives - this alone can make my life enjoyable. Thanks for the share, Pareng Ric.

Life N Canvas said...

Yes, i agree Pareng Jay! Thanks for the visit!

Bodacious said...

And don't forget blogging. Totally relaxes me...

Ric said...

Oh yes, Bodacious! Thanks!

Y.B. Masdal said...

Very heartwarming. i can learn something here especially now that stress is filling my days all over... :-)

Ric said...

Yes, Yusop, stress is filling our busy days. We need mini-vacations from time to time! Thanks!

RoxxyC said...

Good morning from bit chilly Poland today :)

How re U?

Awesome post, as always made my day xo

Have a Great day today and tomorrow and always !! :D

and ...

Thanks for stopin by my blog <3 and leaving comment with so much love ... Wish I could visit Philippines one day :)

Ric said...

Thanks RoxxyC for dropping by! It's quite hot at the moment but it looks like rain is on its way haha. Anyway, thanks again! Have a great day!