When Troubles Come...

For days filled with anxieties, here’s my wish for you…
May God give you relief for every stress
Whenever troubles come, I would remind myself that things shall pass just like any season.  Sometimes I would utter the simple prayer posted below. It's the prayer  written in the breviary of St.Teresa of Avila. 

Let nothing disturb you, 
Let nothing frighten you, 
All things pass away: 
God never changes. 

Patience obtains all things. 
He who has God 
finds he lacks nothing; 
God alone suffices.


MVAJ said...

Here's the version that i liked:

Let nothing disturb me,
Let nothing frighten me.
Everything passes away except God.
God alone is sufficient.

Pink Line said...

"things will come to pass and it will never stay" -correct!

nice post :)

Roxana Miƛkiewicz said...

I'm really not patience person ... Really !!

Ric said...

thanks for dropping by, Pink Line.. and Roxana, yes it's true, sometimes it's difficult to keep that patience.

Jeff said...

Blessings to everyone in return! Spread love!

Ric said...

yes, thanks Jeff