On the First Day...

partridge pear tree

“On the first day of Christmas my True Love sent to me;  A partridge in a pear tree..” 

There goes the first line of the famous Christmas carol ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. I thought the lyrics meant nothing - just another joyful music with great rhymes. However, I’ve learned that the lyrics was intended to secretly  teach the  children the Christian faith (during the times when Christianity was forbidden in England). According to Wikipedia, the song is French in origin although it is  a popular English carol. Anyway, there are countless explanations regarding the origin and meaning of the song but as far as my understanding is concerned, I’d like to stick to its simplest meaning. 

my ‘True Love’  represents the Lord, our God 
'Me' refers to the believer 

Partridge is a medium-sized non-migratory bird  (under the Pheasant family) and it represents Christ

Pear tree is  a common fruit tree and it represents the cross. 
A partridge in a pear tree meaning ‘Christ died on the cross’ 

On the second day of Christmas my True Love sent to me, Two Turtle Doves… 

Turtle doves are small birds similar to pigeons. Known for their loyalty to their partners (true love),  turtle doves were also used as an offering, a sacrifice. The two turtle doves refer to the two gifts given by God to mankind - the Old and the New Testaments. 

On the third day of Christmas my True Love sent to me…Three French Hens… 
‘Three French hens’ refers to the 3 Christian values – faith, hope and love!
But why French hens? I asked. One probable explanation is that chickens are basic menu during feasts and there are three superior breeds of chickens coming from France. 

On the fourth day of Christmas my True Love sent to me…Four Calling Birds 
The original term is 'colly birds' meaning 'blackbirds'. They were known for their melodic calls or music. They represent  the four evangelists or writers of the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

The continuation:
To sing the 12 Days of Christmas for you….
Here are the paper angel carolers
singing paper angels
Just in case you want  a paper angel template,  I have created a simple tutorial. kindly see this link. - Creating Paper Angels

Happy Yuletide Season!


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joanne said...

Kung ako yung bata noon sa England, hindi ko mage-gets ang meaning ng song na to, haha! Ngayon ko nga lang nalaman to e! Pero it was nice to know, thanks for sharing! Cute nun paper angels oh

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