I Love Mornings!

It feels so good to see the sun after the rainy days.
 I love the sunrise and so I thought of taking some pictures today!
I’ve also  included  one  edited personal write-up which was originally posted at Bubblews.
morning images
I love mornings!
I love its quietness, its freshness.
I admire the brightness of the sky and the warmth of the sun.
I like the sounds of the chirping birds and the  whisper of the wind.
I like the peace within.
If only I could ask the Lord to trade my evenings with the mornings 
of those who would prefer to sleep till noon.
But no, perhaps God  wouldn’t allow me.
Because without the affliction brought by life’s dark moments, 
I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the radiance of each morning.
leaves and trees


joy said...

Lovely and inspirational post.
I love mornings too.
Your pictures and words refreshes my soul and spirit.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Thanks Ms Joy! Have a great day / night!

MEcoy said...

well agree much naman ako sa sinabi mo
at ang gaganda ng shots ahh
sana ganyan makita ko tuwing umaga haha
tulog kasi ako

Aunt Mary said...

I am also a morning person,your words are beautiful and the images are refreshing.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

gising ng maaga MeCoy, makikita mo yan! hehe

Thanks too Aunt Mary! Enjoy the weekend!

Michelle Elenee said...

I love mornings too. The chirping birds, the sunrise, the smell of the morning breeze..it's so peaceful :)

Senyor Iskwater said...

i also love mornings... i hope i could have great views like those on the pics

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

yes, that's true Michelle, thank you!

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks for the visit senyor!

Anthony said...

every morning reminds me na may bagong araw na naman akong mararanasan at may mga bago na naman akong matututuhan. :)

Pink Line said...

morning was my favorite time of the day.. its refreshing! and this post is inspiring good morning Ric ;)

xoxo_grah said...

nice photos...i always love mornings...too bad, I work from dawn till noon...:( i hardly see it...:(


Lurelyn Gentallan said...

..I also love mornings Ric, especially when I am in Bohol, soo relaxing. But now I'm in the city..aggghhhh :(

Dawn Yucuis said...

I love morning too. I love to go walking early in the morning in the summer months.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks friends for always dropping by! I'll visit your blogs too!

Kiran palwasha said...

very nice and inspiring. I love mornings too!

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Thank you Kiran. Take care!