Random Thoughts 1

random thoughts

I often sleep and  wake up early even before  sunrise. 
I believe that most uplifting ideas are hidden  in the morning
especially when we have uncluttered thoughts.
birds flying
Birds are awesome and happy creatures. 
I admire them. Every morning,  I can hear them singing. 
Their melodies might be the same each day  but they would
remind me to remain cheerful  and care free!

I spend enough time for physical activities like  sweeping, walking, cleaning... 
I would do them enthusiastically. 
I believe that 'happy hormones' are being released into our brains during those times. 
It’ll be good for  mental and  physical well-being.
‘Anger’ and ‘Envy’ are powerful and effective facial creams.
In no time, they’ll make you ugly. (inside out)
I don’t wanna be perfect. I’m starting to appreciate 
my imperfections. 
Experience tells me that ‘perfect people' or
'perfectionists’ are unhappy people.  
Take good care and respect  Mother Nature. 
She’ll take care and provide for you in the future. 
My father keeps on planting trees and nurtures them. 
Now, we’re reaping the fruits of his labor. 
Most probably the produce will  last for more generations.


MEcoy said...

i remember this studies ive read long ago that men who wakes up early would fell good for the rest of the day,

anyway saya nung magigising ka sa umaga tas lilinis ka sa bakuran haha
di kasi ako ganun
pag kaalmusal ko tulog uli hahah buhay batugan lng

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

haha, buhay batugan ba? Because you're still young. When you grow older, I guess there's no other choice but to maximize your time : )

Pao Kun said...

Same tayo, early riser din ako. At nakakarelax talaga gumising nang maaga! :) Nice poem, especially dun sa part ng pagappreciate ng imperfections... at natakam ako sa mangga!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

So right . Morning time is best time :).

joy said...

You are very right.
Kaingit naman mga manga nyo:)
Patikim naman:)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks again, friends. I'll visit your blogs today!

Aunt Mary said...

Lovely words Ric ,very nice.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks Aunt Mary : )

Genskie said...

HOw I wish magawa ko yan...
I can't sleep early yung body clock ko super nakakainis.. 3 am na dilat na dilat pa din ang mata ko... this is the reason din na igigive up ko na ang kaisa isang morning class ko ... hayssss tulog malupit talaga sakin yan

Heaven of South Sulawesi said...

I underline the word "PERFECT"... a philosopher ever said " no body is perfect". I agree that the people who wants to be perfectionist is unhappy creature. Love yourself for what your minus or plus... there's something behind those...

Balqis said...

Loved all your random thoughts and the reasons behind each one. Excellent post, Ric. :)

Roxana Miśkiewicz said...

nice :D

Phioxee said...

aye! i love mornings too. even if i get to bed late, i still wake up early to appreciate the fog with a coffee. ang lamig kasi ng morning dito sa lugar namin.malamig pero me sunlight.

Michelle Elenee said...

I love mornings so much and especially if I wake up and the birds are singing....nice music to my ears. I will be honest to say that I sometimes struggle a lot in the mornin and Monday mornings are my worst. :)

Lurelyn Gentallan said...

..well, I want to do that everyday too. Its better ways to exercise.

Phioxee said...

inspiring naman po. thanx sa pag papaalala. honestly sa bz ng life di ko na re-realize na dapat si God yung in control ng life di ako.