Seeing Rejection

Supposedly my entry for another blogging site but I opted to post the poem here. 

Could this be another closed door? 
I’ve been through this many times before. 
Again here I am wondering ‘what went wrong?’ 
Then I whispered ‘ Stay calm… be strong!’ 

Despite the fact that you’re doing your best, 
You’ll be taken to a difficult test. 
And no matter how good you try 
You would end up with a deep sigh. 

Alas!, life is a sea of ups and downs 
Keep afloat or you might get drowned. 
Some people would turn against you. 
Find peace within, this shall pass too. 

Come what may life must go on. 
See rejection as a stepping stone. 
Move ahead and look at the brighter side. 
Keep going.... Let God be our guide. 


closed door poem
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Archieviner said...

I like the second stanza of ur poem "Despite the fact that you’re doing your best,
You’ll be taken to a difficult test.
And no matter how good you try
You would end up with a deep sigh." <- True!!
Nice and motivational poem sir. keep sharing :D

jonathan said...

Para siyang kanta, mabilis masaulo. Kailangan na lang ng melodya. Good job!

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Salamat sa pagbisita mga Sir! Ingat na lang sa inyo mga kabayang OFW! God bless!

Aunt Mary said...

so lovely poem , describes the life beautifully, I loved the last stanza .
Great post Ric :)

Joy said...

Such a beautiful poem that reaches to the heart.
Have a nice week end Ric:)

MEcoy said...

saktong sakatong sakto sakin to!
napakasarap basahin relate much!
salamat!pashare na din haha

Balqis said...

Reading this beautiful poem is a source of inspiration. Loved it! :)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks to all! God bless!

Phioxee said...

as always relatable talaga yung quotes at poem na pinpost mo ;-)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Thanks Phioxee : )

Michelle Elenee said...

Love this cute and motivating poem poem Ric.

Thanks for dropping by. I have been busy with exams hence the lack of post. I have made a entry today since I have a free day.

Have a nice day :-)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Have a nice day, Michelle..thanks for the visit!