Stormy Monday

hard rain typhoon
It’s a stormy Monday. The classes are suspended today. I need to go to the Municipal Hall but I guess I have to stay home for a while. I just hope Typhoon Labuyo would pass us by with not much to worry about. 

poem storm

Today you may pass by, Mr. Rain…
Take with you our troubles and pain.
But spare us from severe damage!
As we go through this storm with courage! 
Psalm 16:1 Keep us safe

Keep us safe, our God,

for in You, we take refuge.  

(Psalm 16:1)

He stilled the storm

Follow-up images after the storm
(Tuesday morning):
a day after typhoon Labuyo
A day after typhoon... 
peeking sun after typhoon labuyo
Glad to see the peeking sun :)


Dawn Yucuis said...

I hope the storm passes by and the sun will come out for you. Take care

Balqis said...

Over here, we had stormy days the past few days. The weather today is fine.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family. :)

jonathan said...

I like the scene from outside your window, very green and the rain made it more green. I like the short poem, it is like a prayer. Something great to say before embarking each day. Have a safe day!

MEcoy said...

I'm really amaze on how you see things huh, ako mejo reklamo na sa maulan at mabasang daan pero kaw ganda pa din ng thought mo!

Senyor Iskwater said...

Sana nga sa pagtila ng ulan, tumahan na rin ang mga pusong nag-iiyakan... #MayPinanghuhugutan

Ang lamiiiig!

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Senyor, sana nga....ganundin ang mga kababayan nating lubos na napektuhan :(

Thanks MeCoy, Jonathan, Balqis, Senyor and Dawn! Take care!

Ask Erena said...

Gorgeous photographs!
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Nortehanon said...

Keep dry, Ric. And keep safe, too.

Aunt Mary said...

Take care Ric , I storm will be over soon . Rain pics are awesome :)

Michelle Elenee said...

Hi Ric :-)

Thank you so much for visiting me on blog and sorry for not responding to you. I hope you well after the storm and that no severe damages were caused. Take care and have a great day.

Michelle :-)