My Prayer (this week...)

Lord, pour your cup of goodness 
in my heart and mind today. 
Though there's a bit of tiredness; 
Lift me up and show the way!

Zest and vigor, I seek..
O, fill me with the right motivation.
Let me welcome this week
With joyful anticipation!

Remind me to be grateful
Appreciative of the given chances.
I'll set aside the troubles
Then face the day with gladness!

Life is a cup to be filled,
not drained. ~ unknown 

God bless everyone!


fiel-kun said...

Ang sarap naman na kapartner nito sa almusal sir Ric :)) Lakas maka good vibes!

Tara, kape tayo!

Have a nice day~

Ric said...

Haha, ubos na kape ko, Fiel...
Thank you!
Have a blessed new week!

Joy said...

What a beautiful poem to start this Monday morning. Yes, I want that cup of Coffee too:)
Have a blessed week!

Ric said...

Yes Ms Joy, have a blessed new week too! Thanks!

Rix said...

hay naku, lets just sit nad talk a while... in a one world, on nescafe? ano ba kape mo sir? ahahaha

Aunt Mary said...

Such a beautiful prayer,God bless you for sharing this :)

Michelle Elenee said...

Hey Ric, I have been away from this blog and I can see I've a lot :-(. Today's post caught my attention. Such a lovely poem and prayer. I'm glad for this post...It does so much good to me by reminding me of being grateful and appreciative. I'll definitely face this day with gladness and also the days ahead.

Have a very Blessed day rIC :-)

jonathan said...

As always, great poetry. I should make it a habit to open your blog every Monday morning to give me a smile and hope at each start of the week. Thank you for this!

Ric said...

Rix, ano bang kape ko? kahit ano basta 'yummy' hehe : )

Ric said...

Thanks so much for the visit today, Aunt Mary and Michelle. Wishing you a wonderful week as well.

Jonathan, i just hope makakapag-post ako every monday, nagkataon lang na magkakasunod na Monday ang posting ko. I don't know, madalas wala na kaming connection ngayon so depende na din. Anyway, thanks for the appreciation : )

Balqis said...

A very inspiring poem. It's so beautifully written, Ric. God Bless you. :)

Dawn Yucuis said...

Hi Ric, this is a great post. I love how each of your post is alway inspiring and up lifting. You always make me feel better. Thanks for that.

Ric said...

Thanks to you Balqis and Dawn!
let's enjoy the rest of the week. Always take care!

Amelia said...

Hi Ric, I sure love to have that cup of coffee and refill it over and over again. Thanks for your inspiration posting.
God bless you. Best regards.