Chasing Happiness

Where can we find happiness? Is it in front or behind us?
Is it in the future or in the past?

chasing happiness cartoon
The story is told about a young lion that asked his mother: “Where is happiness?” The mother lion responded: “On your tail.” Upon hearing this, the young lion started chasing his tail, and spent the whole day doing so. Seeing the young lion tired and exhausted, the mother lion said: “Son, you don’t chase happiness. Just keep moving forward, and your happiness will follow.” 

Sometimes we make the mistake of pushing too hard the doors ahead of us, when all we needed to do is to pull. Or, trying to chase after a butterfly, when all we need to do is just to sit still, and let the butterfly come to us and settle on our shoulders. ~shared by Fr. Jerry Orbos SVD 

Come to me all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.  ~ Matthew 11:28


Sonny said...

Truly an inspiring message from a well-respected priest!

Ric said...

a timely reminder to me. Trying to -relearn the lesson ~ not to chase happiness but rather stay still and appreciate everything that I have at the moment. I've gathered all my previous notes (and thoughts) and spent time to 'meditate' and 'dwell' on it. : )

Gemma|My Dailies said...

we just choose to be happy.. whatever the circumstance maybe.. :) love your designs!

Ric said...

yes, it's a personal decision... whatever circumstances nga!!! Thanks again Gem. I have visited your blog earlier!!