Serotonin and Happiness

serotonin infographics

Early this morning, I’ve spent some time cleaning our windows. Sometimes, It feels good to focus on something and leaving all the cares behind. While busy scrubbing the glass, I remember those hormones (or ‘neurotransmitters’) which are released by our brain while doing physical activities and eventually make us happy. I have written some notes regarding this before, so I’ve browsed my journal. The hormones were termed as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine etc.

Let me focus on ‘serotonin’, the so-called  'happiness' hormone.  Studies have shown that when our body releases serotonin, we feel better, our anxiety is eased and we maintain a positive outlook in life. And there are ways to boost the serotonin levels in our brain. Let the infographics posted on the side do the talking.  Have a great day!  : )