Bye 2012, Welcome 2013!

Twenty Twelve 
Your hours are numbered! 
It’s bye bye time! 
Thanks for the sweet and glorious moments… 
Thanks for the sorrows and lessons … 
Thanks for the good and not-so good memories … 
Thanks be to God!
We will be leaving 2012 with gratefulness! 
We will embrace 2013 with high hopes and cheerfulness!
bye 2012 hello 2013
 Let  me also thank the people behind these wonderful blogs! Thank you for always dropping by!  I’ll be looking forward to hearing  reading more from you.
If it didn’t bring you joy,
Just leave it behind. 

Let’s ring in the New Year
With good things in Mind. 

Let every bad memory go
That brought heartache and pain. 

And let’s turn a new leaf
With the smell of new rain. 

Let’s forget past mistakes
Making amends for this year. 

Sending you these greetings
To bring you hope and cheer -author unknown 

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 Cheers to New Year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

Happy New Year!


Pao Kun said...

Wow. Glad to see my name with one of blogs I look up to. :)) Thanks po! Continue to inspire us!

Happy New Year po!!! :)

Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Happy New Year! :)

JonDmur said...

wow! Happy Happy New Year!

Ganda ng pagkakagawa... happy ako na makita name ko ^^

Godbless! ^_^

Ric said...

Sorry if i missed the other blogs.. Dami kasi... Di kaya ng memory ko na balikan lahat : ) Di bale i-uupdate ko pa naman ang blog roll for 2013!

Susana King said...

Love that poem. Happy New Year! :)

Archieviner said...

Huwaw nakita ko name ko.

Happy New year sir Ric :)

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

A very Happy New Year to you and to all your loved ones for 2013. It's been a pleasure reading your blog and I look forward to reading more in the coming year and thank you for the support you have shown me.

I wish you peace and happiness and success in achieving your goals.

Thank you also for mentioning my blog here, it is very much appreciated. See you next year :)

Jessica said...

:) I'm so touched to be one of the blogs.

Let be our 2013 more happy. Let start with peace, hope and love,

happy new year! :)

Michelle Elenee said...

Aww thank you Ric:-) I also look forward to reading from. You already know that I like your posts and enjoy reading them.

Here is to a Happy Blogging and a Happy New Year!

Lala said...

so happy to see my blog's name, ang cute pa ng pagkagawa! more entries to come, will follow updates, happy new year!

Ric said...

Thanks friends! Happy New Year!

joy said...

Im am very touch talaga. Thank you very much. Very nice post.
Happy New Year to you:)

Shanay Worthy said...

Nice poem.
Happy New Year!!!

MEcoy said...

wow nakakatuwa namang mabasa ko name ko dyan ehehe

anyways, thank you for making my 2012 even more wonderful!
I enjoyed your blog this year looking forward for more this coming year
Happy New Year

Ric said...

Thank you, friends! God bless everyone! Happy New Year!


Happy New YEAR! I LAB ET! wow sobra!

joanne said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for being an inspiration nun 2012.. More pa this 2013! Thanks sa cute na pic greeting!

Ric said...

Salamat din, friends! God bless us!
Happy New Year to everyone!

Anthony said...

Late man ang comment na ito pero habol pa rin ang pagbati ko sa iyo ng Happy 2013!! :)) Godbless! :D

Yhadz said...

Cheers to you Ric,

I'm also grateful that my blog is included here.

Big Bang for the 2013!


Words Of Deliciousness said...

I hope you had a wonderful New Year. I hope 2013 brings you peace and happiness!!