Moving On (poem)

A poem dedicated to  friends on another site but let me also share this piece with you..

Feels like a crumpled paper?
And then thrown into the water..
You might be crushed and whipped...
But waste no time on grief.

You may think the good old  days are through
And this time you have to say ‘adieu’
But never dwell on the pain,
Don’t let anger and sadness reign.

Though our trials may cut like sword.
But take heed to these words
Whatever happens to me and you...
We will never  lose our true value.

Stand up now with head up high.
You need not know  the reasons why.
Open your mind and see the good.
Keep feet on the ground as you would.

moving on poem


Aunt Mary said...

Beautiful poem Ric I loved the last stanza :)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Thank you, Aunt Mary!
Take care, God bless!

jonathan said...

Very well written and the message is good for all. It is universal. To friendship, a toast!

MEcoy said...

simple yet very true!
i love reading at each and every line of it

Senyor Iskwater said...

well written.. kaka-relate... keep writing poems... talent 'yan sir!

Adam said...

lovely poem

Mar Unplog said...

Now, I need to unload all the heavy burden of the past and start to move on! Thank you for this!

Nakaka relate lang haha

Melanie Jean Juneau said...

very good, nice surprise

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem :))) keep it up.

fiel-kun said...

Awww... very inspiring poem naman neto :))

Bahagi na talaga ng buhay ang mga pagsubok. Laban lang ng laban. Keep moving forward lang. Don't dwell on the past, instead focus on the future :)

Joy said...

Another masterpiece! I loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Thanks to you, blogger friends... It's for me too. I can relate to it : )
Have a good day, everyone!! Take care!

Ask Erena said...

hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Nortehanon said...

Sometimes things happens. And we feel down because we don't see why it happens. But most of the time, there is wisdom behind it. We only have to wait for the reason to show ;-)


I was smiling! I dont know why!


Balqis said...

It's so beautiful. I like the poem. :)