Erasing Stress

pencil erase stress

I wish to erase 'stress'  just like that image : )
It is a known fact  that too much stress weakens the body, our immune system. And in the process  we become an easy prey to diseases. 

While reading a book the other night, I’ve learned that stress can be equated to  worrying.

stress is worrying doodle
....and it is suggested to quit worrying whenever possible. And try to get rid of every
erase worrying pencil
anxious thoughts ----->   
According to the author, the best antidote to worrying is trusting more. We need to keep the faith - our faith  in God, in ourselves and in other people.
trust God, myself and others doodle

*Faith in God could mean  we have to accept the fact  that we have no  control  over many things and believe that there is a greater invisible power.
*Faith in ourselves could mean we are capable of performing our best because  we believe we can.
*and Faith in others could mean we’re  putting  our trust in our family, friends and other trusted people as well. 

Ahh perhaps  these are  all easier said than done  but definitely worth-considering....   Otherwise stress could easily eat us up or 'erase' us in any way. 
erased by stress doodle

Nahum 1:7 bible verse


littleyana said...

Hi, ang galing mo pala mag drawing? Nice presentation. What you said is true. Stress and worrying are sisters. Only, it is difficult not to worry/ care for a lot of reason. Nice post!

Dawn Yucuis said...

I know that I worry too much. So I am happy that I read this post, very nice. Take care!

Aunt Mary said...

Thank you Ric for sharing such wonderful post , you are right trust in God is most important :)

Joy said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Words of wisdom from above
Have a nice day brother:)

jonathan said...

I imagine the drawings as presented in keynote or imovie, very refreshing. Your thoughts are indeed wake up calls.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

yes, littleyana, sometimes it is difficult not to worry...kung madali lang sanang mag-erase ng mga worries.

Dawn, thank you too...and take care!

Joy, have a nice day too.

Jonathan, mas gumagana kasi isip ko thru visuals...yes, wake up call din sa akin ito kung minsan.


Noted!!!!! Kaya ako mastress eh!

yccos said...

so timely for me :) This blogosphere wonderful. I meet a lot of talented and amazing people!

MEcoy said...

well when everything is hard for you to understand that's the point you just have to stop thinking things
and let your faith shines coz that's when you'll see the path the god has been preparing for you ever since

Senyor Iskwater said...

Pagkatapos mong gamitin ang eraser, pahiram ah... hehehe

fiel-kun said...

Buti na lang magaling na taga alis ng stress sa buhay tong blog nyo sir Ric :))

I tend to be a great worrier sometimes, kaya I need some dose of this inspiring post.

Tama, God is in total control. Wala dapat tayong ikabahala kung tunay tayong nagtitiwala sa kanya.

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

yes,Senyor, send ko via email hehe

yes, Fiel i need reminders too...nakakalimot din ako...

Balqis said...

Thank you for the advices. :)