Simple Santa Origami

Here's a simple tutorial (Santa origami)  that I've  posted on another site last year. It's no longer visible on that site so I've decided to make a re-post.

1. Prepare a square paper (with red on one side and white on the other side). An ideal size is 15 cm x 15 cm. (item 1)

2. Make triangle folds to create the crease (item 2)

3. First, focus on the upper part (santa’s hat) . Make a fold towards the middle (item 3).

4. Create a crease by folding towards the upper portion (item 4). Then make two small folds as shown in items 5, 6 and 7 in order to expose the white portion of the hat .

5. Then proceed to the lower part (santa’s beard). Make a fold towards the middle (item 8).

6. Make another fold to expose the white portion (item 9).

7. Turn to the back, (red side) of the paper and fold the edges on both sides. (item 10)

8. Make another fold on both sides towards the middle exposing the white portion. (items 11 and 12)

9. Make another perpendicular fold towards the middle on both sides (items 13 and 14)

10. See to it that both folds are of equal length. It will be the hands of Santa (item 15)

11. Have some glue to fasten the back side (Item 16)

12. Turn it around and draw the face of Santa (Items 17 & 18).


Joy said...

You are very creative too. I guess I have to look for that kind of paper here:)

Jondmur said...

galing naman. ... sarap din ituro sa mga bata...

akoysi MEcoy said...

ang cute naman, pwedeng pwedeng pang project ng mga kiddos

Ric said...

Thanks everyone!
Yes, minsan pag may time, gumagawa ako ng mga ganitong origami... Christmas is fast approaching kaya madami nang christmas origamis sa youtube! Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!! Ingat !

fiel-kun said...

ang kyot naman ng tutorial. dahil jan, makabili nga mamaya ng art paper lol

jonathan said...

Will do this in school. Thanks for the share!

Ric said...

Yes, Fiel..ginawa ko yan last year...Hope magawa uli this year!

Ric said...

Yes, Jon... hope mag-enjoy ang mga kids :)