Side Effects of Exercise

I created this simple infographics to keep me motivated
to exercise at least 20 minutes each day. 

Friends, beware of the side effects :)!!
infographics side effects of exercise

Based on an article I’ve read.
comics strip can't please everyone

comics strip like me please

comics strip pinoy

comics strip pleasing everyone

comics strip God can't please people

be happy for people

Framed Coloring Pages

Yesterday, I gathered some picture frames from pixabay. 
And then I tried putting the following art pages inside those frames.  
Ah, they are all good enough for me!

do small things with great love framed
everyday is a second chance framed
start each day with a grateful heart framed
sunny flowery day framed
think happy thoughts framed
throw kindness like confetti framed

Some of these designs are available 

Serotonin Infographics

Earlier while cleaning our front yard, 
I remembered creating this infographics 
about serotonin several years ago.
 I'd like to refresh my memory so I opted to post it again.
Serotonin happiness hormone infographics