Hope for Easter

HOPE in Easter

These are images of sunrise in our place.
The golden sun rising in the east.  A promise of a new day!
A promise of new hope...Just like the Easter!

sunrise of easter
Easter promises a new beginning.
 No matter what our circumstances today, it feels good
to look forward to a brighter new day... it feels good to keep our hopes alive!

He paid the ransom with His blood. He has
Overcome the world. The
Promises of a new beginning.  May we find 
Everlasting peace, hope and joy in Jesus!

Happy Easter, friends!


Aunt Mary said...

Again a beautiful and inspiring post;)

Susana the Deaf Lady said...

Very nice. Have a very happy Easter! :)

fiel-kun said...

Have a blessed Easter Sunday!

ᕙ( ^ₒ^ c)

Melanie Jean Juneau said...

May you have a Blessed Easter

Michelle Elenee said...

Happy Easter to you Ric and family. Btw, Thank you for being a steady reader on my blog :)

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Happy Easter everyone!!
God bless us!

Rix said...

Happy Easter Tukayo :D

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

Maligayang Pasko din Tukayo.. Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!

MEcoy said...

astig talaga!
happy easter parekoy!
congrats sa salvation natin

Ric LifeNCanvas said...

thanks pareMeCoy! Happy Easter din!

xoxo_grah said...

Happy Easter! na late na ako...medjo busy kasi sa church nung semana santa...tama ka! hope! right on the spot ung points mo sa post...inspiring!